About SIRcloud™

SIRcloud is an online library that offers a comprehensive, growing collection of files relating to a wide range of interventional radiology topics. SIRcloud is composed of educational files derived from SIR activities, other files prepared by or on behalf of SIR, as well as files uploaded from the interventional radiology community.

SIRcloud is free for anyone to browse. Users who are logged in but have not purchased a subscription may upload files to the site and create collections of their favorite content. Users who purchase a one-year subscription can download files. Click here to log in or create an account.

SIRcloud launched in 2013, with more than 1,000 files, and new files are continuously added by SIR and the IR community. SIR encourages new submissions, which will be automatically posted to SIRcloud, and reviewed by the SIRcloud Editorial Board.