SIRcloud™ Terms of Use

SIRcloud is composed of educational files derived from Society of Interventional Radiology ("SIR") activities, other files prepared by or on behalf of SIR ("SIR files"), as well as files uploaded from the interventional radiology community. Educational files derived from SIR activities have been voluntarily provided by the individuals who authored the content. Uploaded files have been prepared entirely separately from SIR. The term "SIRcloud Files" refers collectively to educational files derived from SIR activities, SIR files and uploaded files.

The information, ideas, and opinions expressed in SIRcloud do not necessarily reflect the views of SIR. The mention of any product, service, therapy, commercial entity, institution, or individual within SIRcloud is not, and should not be construed as, an endorsement or recommendation by SIR.

Nothing in SIRcloud is intended or should be viewed as medical, legal, or business advice. In all clinical situations, physicians and other healthcare providers must rely on their independent professional judgment and knowledge of the individual patient. SIR is not responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to any use of SIRcloud, or for any errors or omissions in SIRcloud Files.

By accessing SIRcloud after purchasing a subscription, you receive a one-year, limited, non-exclusive license to download and use SIRcloud Files for non-profit, non-promotional, educational purposes, and you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Use of SIRcloud or any of its contents is permitted solely for non-profit, non-promotional, educational purposes. Use of SIRcloud or any of its contents for any other purpose is strictly prohibited without SIR's express written permission. Permission for other uses may be requested by contacting

2. Publication of SIRcloud Files in any print format is permitted solely for non-profit, non-promotional, educational purposes provided that no modifications are made to the file or to the file brand as described below. Distribution of SIRcloud Files in any electronic format, i.e., posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media, is prohibited.

3. Alteration of SIRcloud Files is prohibited without SIR's, and the author's, when applicable, express written permission. In no event will the context in which the material is presented, or the file content, be materially altered.

4. Downloaded files are branded with appropriate attribution to the author as copyright holder, the date the material was provided to SIR, and the SIR and SIRcloud logos as acknowledgement of the source of the files. These branding elements may not be removed, deleted, covered, obscured, concealed or in any other way altered.

5. Use of SIRcloud Files in any manner that may be derogatory to the title, content, or authors of the material or to SIR, including but not limited to an association with conduct that is fraudulent or otherwise illegal, or the use or abuse of alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs, is prohibited.

6. Advertising and solicitation are prohibited on SIRcloud. SIR reserves the right to remove any advertisements or solicitations from SIRcloud, and to deny access to users who post advertisements or solicitations.

7. SIR files are the sole and exclusive property of SIR. Educational and uploaded files are the sole and exclusive property of the author. The license to use SIRcloud does not provide with copyright to any SIRcloud Files.

8. Users of SIRcloud are required to comply with state and federal anti-trust laws. Use of SIRcloud in any manner to limit competition or restrain trade is not permitted. Users should give careful consideration to compliance with anti-trust laws when considering posting information about the prices of products and services in the health care sector.

9. All names, trademarks, service marks, brands, logos, designs, trade dress, slogans, and other designations of SIR and the SIR Foundation, including but not limited to "SIR," "the Society of Interventional Radiology," "the SIR Foundation," "," "the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology," "Enhanced care through advanced technology®," "SIR Learning Center" and the name of any SIR sponsored or co-sponsored meeting (collectively, "SIR Marks") are the sole and exclusive property of SIR. Use of any of the SIR Marks, except as appropriate to credit SIR in accordance with the terms and conditions above, without SIR's prior written permission is strictly prohibited. Requests for permission to use SIR Marks should be sent to

10. If you see anything in SIRcloud that you believe infringes on a copyright, notify SIR at The material will be promptly reviewed by SIR in accordance with the website legal notice and removed from SIRcloud as appropriate.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will result in termination of a user's license to use SIRcloud Files and revocation of access to SIRcloud, and may result in further discipline or penalties under SIR policies.