File Upload Process

Follow these steps in order to upload a file onto SIRcloud. Begin by clicking the Upload link on the top navigation of SIRcloud.

1. Select Type

Select the type of file you are uploading: Meeting Presentation, Case Study or Teaching File.

Indicate whether you are a trainee, working in industry or neither of those.

2. Select File

Select your file for upload by clicking the Select File button. This will allow you to browse your computer to find the file you would like to upload. Once you have selected your file, click the Upload File button.

Your files must be uploaded one at a time.

Your file must conform to the format outlined in the Uploading FAQ section of the Help page.

3. Upload Processing

You should then be brought to an Upload Status page. Most upload processes will take one minute or less, so please do not close this page until the process is completed. Please be patient if the process takes more than a minute as multiple uploads may be occurring at once.

4. Terms and Conditions

Check the required box in order to confirm you have read and understood the SIR Terms and Conditions.

5. Provide File Metadata

You should now be on a page that shows a thumbnail of your selected file as well as a simple form for your file's metadata. You need to fill out the following fields on this form:

Title of the file: this is the file title that will show up on the SIRcloud browse page. It should be informative as to the file's content but not extremely long.

Description: Your file's description should be written to provide the user with any extra information they may need to know not already provided by the title and category. At a minimum, the description must be in English and include information about the file content.

Authors of the file: The default will be the file contributor's name. If there are multiple authors for the file or if the author is different from the contributor, please type all of the relevant authors into this box. (e.g., "John Smith and Amanda Brown")

6. Categorize Your File

Categorizing your file is critical for it to be found on the SIRcloud browse page.

Begin by selecting a category from the dropdown menu. You may tag your file with as many categories as needed, and are encouraged to only select the topics that apply to your file. Once you have finished adding categories, click the "Categorize" button, and the selected categories will appear below.

Once you have completed your categorization, click the "Next" button to complete your upload.

7. File Review

All files are added to SIRcloud upon upload. Also upon upload, your file will enter a queue for administrative and expert review by the SIRcloud Editorial Board. Any inappropriate or irrelevant submissions will be rejected and removed from the site.

You may be asked to change or update data associated with your file during the review process. If asked to update information, please respond in a timely manner to the request or your file may be removed from the site.

Upon approval by the SIRcloud Editorial Board, your file will be marked with a "Reviewed" icon to indicate the file has been reviewed and approved by the SIRcloud Editorial Board.

Any changes you make to your file or file data will send the file into the review queue.

You will receive an e-mail notification when your submission has been approved or rejected from by the SIRcloud Editorial Board.

Still having trouble?

If you have trouble with uploading files, please contact for assistance.